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Roundtables Are Your Chance to

The environmental tech event of the year is just around the corner! Tomorrow Matters is designed for investors, corporations, start-ups, educators, and every other stakeholder in this booming sector – but what do we have planned?

Our action-packed agenda includes panels, presentations, demonstrations, networking breaks, and – the return of our personal favourite – roundtables! Keep reading to find out why we’re psyched to host these one-of-a-kind sessions (and how you could host one!).

Over the course of forty minutes, we’ve scheduled five roundtable sessions, each hosted by an industry expert. These slots allow you to choose which discussion to be a part of – breakdown the barrier of the stage and talk directly to these leaders, on the topic you choose. Move between tables, jump in-and-out of the debate, stick to the sidelines and absorb every bit of information you can – this part of the conference opens the floor to you and how you want to face green technology.

‘Smart Building Technologies’ is hosted by Eleanor Akers, the Director of Innovate Energy Consultants. Having founded IEC in 2021 to help businesses grow sustainably, Eleanor aims to work with those businesses to understand their path to reaching net-zero. This session will open up the discussion to innovations and tactics that could allow a business to reach their sustainability goals. With Eleanor’s experienced insight, the floor is open for discussion and analysation.

But ‘What Makes a Fundable Venture in Environmental Tech?’ Hear from the CEO and founder of Cosmonauts, Timo Karakashev on the keys to starting in and keeping up with this growing sector. He’ll be able to answer your questions on how to get started right, analyse the common weak points in potential ventures, and how to continue successfully. 

The ‘DOs & DON’Ts of Investing in a Better Tomorrow’ – what are they? COO of Cosmonauts and Angel Investor, Roberto Rivero, analyses what makes a good investment (and what doesn’t) in the world of green technology. Discuss potential scenarios, vital practices, and general rules with someone who’s seen it all. 

‘From Qualitative to Quantitative Measurements of Climate Impact – how do we make the right investment decisions for climate mitigation?’ Thobias Thorleifsson, Co-Founder and Chief Climate Officer of Climate Point, analyses the course of investment in green tech and its impact on the fight against climate change. Environmental technology is a unique sector – it’s built on finding solutions to a global, pressing problem, calling for not only financial but moral investment. By putting your time and money into this industry, you’re demanding action; this is critical to our future, but must be used wisely. Thobias will answer questions and open up the floor for discussion into the meticulous line of investment opportunities.

Our fifth table is hosted by Agnes Czako, the Co-Founder and CEO of AirEx Technologies. Agnes will be discussing ‘The Challenges of Scaling a Climate Tech Company’ – a deep-dive and how-to on the unique challenges scaling presents to green technology companies. Discuss models, pace, funding, and technology itself, all aimed at curating a beneficial green tech venture. 

Does this sound like your cup of tea? Up for a deep discussion? Could you offer insight into the cogs behind the booming green tech industry? We’d love to have you at Tomorrow Matters! Get in-touch to discuss sponsorship opportunities, and maybe book your very own roundtable!

We’re thrilled to be opening the floor at Tomorrow Matters to discussion. These roundtables aim to give you the opportunity to not only make the most of your time at the conference, but leave with innovative, productive ideas on how to progress in the world of green tech. Secure your place at Tomorrow Matters on October 26th, 2022, at 200 Aldersgate St, Barbican, London EC1A 4HD, and be part of a better future.

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