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 We are proud to officially launch a partnership between Cosmonauts and High Performance Council -HPC, the leading business media resource covering the modern legal industry and the people, technology and economic forces driving its future. Cosmonauts will be working together with HPC for a 3 part virtual event series.

This strategic alliance allows us to organise something we have never done before. 

We will drive collaboration between GCs and service providers through organising three conferences and creating an all-year-round online Digital Village during the Global Summit Series. With the creation of an all-year-round available space (Digital Village) our aim is to aid the dissemination of legal-tech products, providing an opportunity for service providers to be present and meet prospective clients while facilitating interactions with the legal sector.

During the 2 virtual and one hybrid events, our key focus will be around General Counsels and Chief Legal Officers and to gather policy-makers & progressive minds to share their practices and challenges they face at the forefront of decision making. At the same time, we are selecting a number of service providers to present their products, who offer cutting-edge legal tools that aim to help decision makers to tackle the complex challenges of leading legal corporations.

Timo Karakashev, CEO of Cosmonauts added: we believe this collaboration is going to bring the legal community together in a way that no one has seen before. With an increased focus on aligning the needs of legal policy-makers with what cutting-edge legal innovation can offer, we are excited to be fostering innovation and forward-looking ideas that could further have an impact on re-shaping the world of legal design.

Feel free to wander around our recently published website, where you can find out more about what Global Summit Series can offer to you. https://www.hpcglobalsummit.com/

For those interested in becoming virtual exhibitors for one year at the Digital Village, we have a number of virtual booths available. Please contact our team via explore@cosmonauts.biz by using the handle Digital Village. 

Stay up to date on all events including the HPC webinar series on the cosmonauts social media pages.

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