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Increase your sales by initiating one-to-one connection
among your target-customer base – at scale
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Driving business growth

Over the last 7 years, Cosmonauts has perfected the art of profiling, finding and contacting the right people – at scale.

For us, this is a core competency which drives the success of our events and our capital-raising support services.

Now, we make those skills available to help you grow your revenues through enhanced lead-generation - either, through a self-service product, that puts you in control, or with a full-service option that saves you even more time and allows you and your team to focus on more important tasks.


Self-Service Option

  • 1. Compilation and analysis of the best buyer profile.
  • 2. Cosmonauts will produce a monthly data set of up to 2000 prospects each month and send it to you for review and approval within 1 week.
  • 3. We will compile all data and load your generated content onto our automation tool linked to your email address.
  • 4. We will automate up to 6000 monthly outreaches, split between 2000 initial introductions + 4000 follow-ups.
  • 5. Two weeks into the campaign, the outreach will pause for 24 hours, allowing you to re-evaluate the message
  • 6. We will connect LinkedIn automation software to your LI account for anyone who has yet to open the emails starting from month 2.

Full-Service Option

  • 1. We assign a dedicated team to your project.
  • 2. Through a series of workshops, we get a clear understanding of your product, your target audience, your sales cycle and your brand guidelines.
  • 3. Our in-house research team produces custom data sets of your targeted audience, with contact details. This data becomes your property.
  • 4. Our sales team proactively reaches out to your targeted audience via a series of e-mail, phone, and LinkedIn campaigns and, in-turn, secure first meetings or product demos with your prospects + a discovery call with each prospect (where possible) prior to your demo.
  • 5. You receive a monthly report highlighting what we’ve achieved along with any relevant market findings.

What people say…

Adam Shaw

Chairman, Scribestar

“ScribeStar recruited Cosmonauts to assist with our Business Development efforts; Timo and his team have been critical in generating leads and demonstrations for the company.

We like working with the team so much that we extended our contract with them so that they may continue to do so. We wholeheartedly endorse Cosmonauts for business development services.”

Peter Richards

SVP, Business Development, Ayfie

“Cosmonauts helped us swiftly acquire customers and build our brand in the UK market, as part of our international expansion. We had a positive return on investment and found their team dedicated, flexible and professional.”

Sean Kelly

Group Sales & Business Development Director, Imprima

“Using Cosmonauts’ tailored and structured formula, they have successfully generated a high number of quality opportunities for us, whilst staying true to our brand.”