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“You’ve probably heard that raising capital from investors can be a full-time job and take many months. At Cosmonauts, we deploy our data, skills, contacts and experience to help save you time, accelerate the process and increase your odds of success.

Over the last 7 years, Cosmonauts has perfected the art of profiling, finding and contacting the right people – at scale. For us, this is a core competency which drives the success of our events and our business development services.

Now, we make those strengths available to support your capital raising requirements - either, through a self-service product, that puts you in control, or with a full-service option that saves you even more time and allows you to focus on your day job.”

Funding Support Portfolio

Our portfolio firms are already on a significant growth trajectory, which we want to accelerate. We have a proven track record of providing our portfolio of businesses with strategic, practical, and impactful support.

Active raises

Legal Tech London, UK 2023 Round 3
2021 Round 12022 Round 2


ScribeStar is a capital markets technology business - digitalising the administrative, legal and compliance parts of securities issuance and of other complex financial transactions

Contract Tech London, UK Seed Round


Contracts are dull and people don't understand them. Majoto brings a new level of clarity.As a document authoring and lifecycle solution that uses scalable legal design to create contract experiences that people understand and trust, rather than just solving for process, Majoto solves for relationships, helping lawyers and businesses create clearer contracts and communicate more effectively.

Oncology London, UK Seed Round


Celex is a UK-based Biotech company developing a treatment to improve the survival chance and quality of life for cancer patients. As a spin-off from Imperial College, that captures ground breaking

Haptic Technology London, UK Seed Round

Generic Robotics

Generic Robotics provides the market's most advanced Haptic Technology applications. Generic Robotics has created hardware, software, and content creation solutions that level the playing field for digital touch innovation.

ESG Environmental, Social, and Governance London, UK Seed Round


whatimpact is a for-profit, UK-based, two-sided, AI enhanced, SaaS platform that supports clients to plan, implement and report on regulated and voluntary social value activities helping to win government tenders and engage more closely with their stakeholders.

whatimpact are helping B2B and B2G customers to manage their social value activities in a time and cost-effective manner.

Completed Raises

Legal Tech London, UKSeed Round January 2021: 165%

Legal Connection

Connecting The World Ltd (trading as Legal Connection) is on a mission to democratise the Trillion-Dollar legal profession, enabling networks of legal professionals to compete with large partnership firms. They have developed a platform that aims to fuse client-centred, collaborative workflows and the next generation of financial technology.

Digital Services London, UK Seed Round


Cloudworkz provides fully managed SMEs with the most in-demand essential digital services across sales, marketing, creative, content, IT, digital skills, remote work assessments and outstaffing.

Legal Tech London, UK Seed Round March 2022: 141%

Ruby Datum

Ruby Datum is a market-leading legal tech business, offering innovative / collaborative document & data management client portal and virtual data room platform to the entire investment ecosystem, law firms, corporates, and advisors across industries.

Legal Tech London, UK Seed Round
2021 Round 1: 165%2022 Round 2: 107%


Scribestar's SaaS platform digitises and automates the documentation and compliance processes required for raising capital on stock markets - IPOs, bonds etc.

Driving growth with Cosmonauts

Entrepreneurs with whom we collaborate share our enthusiasm for innovation and technology. We seek to find emerging firms with strong fundamental performance and organic growth that have the potential to accelerate their expansion and scale. We collaborate with them to help them expand their businesses by providing financing, insights, global resources, and a network.

We find value and growth we create translates into consistent and appealing performance for both the companies we work with and Venture Capitalists and institutional investors from around the world.

Working across all deal types from seed capital and early venture through to late stage and IPO, Join our community of technology ScaleUps to share experiences, build relationships, and learn from others along the journey. Contact us to find out how we can support your business development.

Cosmonauts in Numbers (since 2021)

Current portfolio: 4

Historical portfolio: 6

Sectors Supported: 5

Become an investment partner with Cosmonauts

We have built a network of investing professionals who are open-minded, innovative, flexible, experienced, and well-connected.

We serve as an additional resource to present relevant forward-thinking businesses that can make a difference in their sector and be future thought leaders. We collaborate with a wide range of investors, from institutional to Venture Capitalists as well as Angel Investors, Accelerators and Incubators.

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