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As we build and grow we tactically align our business with external partners and collaborators. Handpicked for their combined technical solutions and excellence for they do. We are always looking for ways to partner with the most cutting edge, forward thinking businesses and products.


Pekama is the missing link between IP owners and an international community of IP attorneys.

For decades, finding the right foreign associates for international work required time, effort and luck. Pekama solves all that.

IP owners can trust Pekama to instruct the right firms to handle their IP, and IP attorneys can build a network of foreign associates in all the jurisdictions they need.

Pekama is developed by IP experts, trusted by hundreds of global firms, and backed by the same investors who financed DeepMind (now part of Google) and Evi (the technology driving Amazon Echo.)

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Ruby Datum

Ruby Datum is an ISO27001/9001/Cyber Essentials compliant Virtual Data Room Platform hosted in a secure environment. The company has cemented itself on a reputation for being fast, intuitive and reliable without any clunky interfaces or nuances.

Perhaps one of its greatest features is the rapid indexing of documents, allowing you to search through up to millions of documents in an instant, thanks to its accurate text recognition system. There are also a few e-discovery features, as well as templating, watermarking and much more.

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We are proud to work with forward thinking product partners such as Pekama and Ruby Datum, building a close relationship with companies that are continuously looking to develop and drive their businesses forward with tech in the hearts and customers at the forefront of their minds.

Cosmonauts are always looking to partner with new and exciting businesses at the forefront of their industries. If you would like to find out more about working with Cosmonauts please do get in touch, hit the “Let's Talk” button in the navigation bar for phone and email details.