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You may remember Cosmonauts getting to work with Scribestar on the design and delivery of their investment campaign starting towards the end of 2020. Well, here’s some updates we wanted to let you know about since then, just in time for the crowdfund to go live to the public!

In case you haven’t read our previous blog, Scribestar’s mission is to make the time- and costly process in documentation for capital markets cheaper and easier, by providing a secure digital ecosystem for these needs. Cosmonauts has been working with Scribestar since last year, with exciting things in store. 

For documents including IPOs, high yield bonds, mergers and acquisitions, real estate investments, equity issues or debt instruments; the platform provides reliable digitalisation, secure cloud storage, process automation, streamlined workflows and machine readable formats. Key features allow collaborative (multilingual) drafting, verification/fact checking, regulatory checklisting (multi-jurisdictional), and “Just In Time” publication. Besides this, the platform provides reliable security, with ISO:27001 certification, advanced threat detection, encryption and two-factor authentication. Scribestar is also part of the London Stock Exchange Issuer Services and CMS equIP, and their clients have so far reported 40-60% of time saved using their service, with respective cost-savings too. If you would like to find out more about what Scribestar does you can do so here.

Scribestar has decided to tap into 3 international markets recently, with great prospects for the US, and diving into the stock market too. With 4 years of commercial use, the platform has had £13 million investment since start, which has allowed its great success before. Working with 3 firms in the UK, and increasing interest, to fund the expansion into new markets, the SaaS technology platform has gone live for public investment. In this, Cosmonauts has been working to help through crowdfunding on Crowdcube. With the goal to reach £500,000, so far, during the private investment half of the fund, £3944,016 of the goal has been raised with 187 investors (18:00, 17 Feb 2021), which has been an amazing progress. There is still some time to invest in this, you can follow the progress on Crowdcube here.

Cosmonauts has been delighted to work with Scribestar so far, supporting the private fundraising journey, resulting in achieving over 74% of the initial goal. We have been excited to work with the platform and their promising product, 2021 couldn’t have started in a better way from Cosmonauts than supporting Scribestar through hitting their investment target, by using our proven methodology! If you have not had a chance to read our previous blog with the platform, you can read this here. We are constantly looking for the best ways in which we can fuel the future of our clients, and are expectant to see what’s next. If you would like to get in contact about using our expert marketing support and business development for your needs, we would love for you to get in contact. Find out more here. Stay tuned for the progress of this exciting crowdfund, as well as more updates! 

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