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Capital Raising with Cosmonauts 

Having partnered with a number of start-ups, scale-ups, and SME’s that develop cutting-edge technological solutions for their respective industries. While we offer a wide range of business services, including lead generation, bespoke events, and creative marketing services including content distribution, strategy, and videography, there is one that gives us a great deal of satisfaction when it is concluded: capital raising to support growth and development.

We wanted to highlight a few of the companies we are currently partner with so that you can invest and share in their success. Each business has a cutting-edge product and will be a fantastic addition to your portfolio or the beginning of one. Click the icon under each statement to email our team and learn more about each company’s investment potential.


Cloudworkz: a global, B2B, subscription based platform that provides SMEs with in demand human capital, digital marketing and business services. Having developed the tech, gone to market, secured lead investment and built go-to-market functionality, Cloudworkz is now scaling up with over £1m ARR.

Generic Robotics:

Generic Robotics are building a haptic technology ecosystem (hardware and software tools) to address the broad range of barriers that are preventing wide-scale adoption of haptics such as an absence of high-level authoring tools for creating haptic content, and no general-purpose hardware interfaces which has resulted in lack of any appropriate content in the many industries where touch enabled experiences could have huge impact. With a good mix of partners and clients including: The Open University, Imperial College London, Kings College London, Science Museum and more.


Majoto brings a new level of clarity to how you create, agree and manage contracts. Majoto is not built on a conventional text editor. It transforms how your contracts look and turns dull static documents into functional tools. Together with our early users we have already discovered exciting things they can do: accelerate contract design, implement self-serve and e-signature for business users, and create interactive risk and reporting tools.

With our proven methodology already in place, being utilised by companies like Cloudworkz, Generic Robotics, and Majoto, Cosmonauts are constantly looking for the next startup to support during their fundraising efforts.

Our portfolio firms are already on a significant growth trajectory, which we want to accelerate. We have a proven track record of providing our portfolio of businesses with strategic, practical, and impactful support. 

Cosmonauts in Numbers (since 2021)

Current portfolio projects: 3

Historical portfolio: 6 

Sectors supported: 5 

Driving Growth with Cosmonauts 

We collaborate with entrepreneurs who share our passion for innovation and technology. We seek to find emerging firms with strong fundamental performance and organic growth that have the potential to accelerate their expansion and scale. We collaborate with them to help them expand their businesses by providing financing, insights, global resources, and a network. 

We find value and growth we create translates into consistent and appealing performance for both the companies we work for and the Venture Capitalists and institutional investors from around the world. 

Working across all deal types from seed capital and early venture through to late-stage and IPO, join our community of technology scale-ups to share experiences, build relationships, and learn from others along the journey. 

Capital raising services

As capital raising consultants, we will manage and assist you at every stage of the fundraising process, from design to delivery. You can expect complete team support from Cosmonauts while using its fundraising services, including guidance on video creation, marketing, and PR tactics. With a personally allocated project manager to manage your fundraising campaign, you can rest assured that your campaign is in good hands. 

Contact us to find out how we can support your business development. 

Become an Investment Partner with Cosmonauts 

We have built a network of investing professionals who are open-minded, innovative, flexible, experienced, and well-connected. 

We serve as an additional resource to present relevant forward-thinking businesses that can make a difference in their sector and be future thought leaders. We collaborate with a wide range of investors, from institutional to Venture Capitalists as well as Angel Investors, Accelerators and Incubators. 

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