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Be Part of the Journey!

If you didn’t already know, Cosmonauts has been creating and organising numerous successful events such as Future Lawyer Week, London IP Week, Legal Innovators, SPACEtalks and many others, and we are coming up with even more concepts covering more industries everyday! Yes we’re tired – but we just LOVE events! Ever considered event sponsorship? We’re here to tell you everything you need to know!

GAIA and Tomorrow Matters are our latest and upcoming events added to our own-brand events roster, covering the agricultural and environmental tech and investment sectors. Cosmonauts are looking forward to expanding our industry outreach and finding out if we can go to infinity and beyond for you!  Join Cosmonauts by creating your own event or sponsoring our shows – be part of our story!

How to Get Involved?

At a Cosmonaut show, you can participate in an array of ways, by speaking on a panel, exhibiting, giving a live demonstration, giving a presentation or simply attending to network, learn and share your thoughts! In this blog, we cover why you should become a sponsor.

Become a Cosmonauts sponsor, and get the chance to promote your brand to our massive network, inform and make your company present and well known in the industry as a leader, 

The Headline Sponsor Package

The Headline Package is best for promoting your brand and being front and centre to your target audience! This package will ensure that you and your company become the event’s stars! The Headline package will enable you to associate with the conference and its agenda, ensuring maximum impact and return on investment by obtaining the hottest leads! The package also presents you with one keynote speaking position, one panel chair and moderator position, four delegate passes for your colleagues and four more for your clients.

The Booster Package

The Booster Package is another beneficial package that gives you excellent visibility throughout the leading conference and exhibition day. The package includes one exhibition table, three delegate passes in addition to any speaker, and three delegate passes for your clients. The package also provides speaking opportunities such as – one Stand-Alone speaking position and one speaker on a panel chosen by you. This package will ensure that you receive the “boost” promoting your company wants.

The Hackathon

What is a Hackathon? And what sets it apart from other types of new business outreach?

A Hackathon is also known as a codefest. It is an exciting and unique form of promoting a product by engaging the audience and making them experience it first-hand. Hackathon has become one of the best marketing strategies for promoting a product. It’s a method of displaying your software platform or skills through an open, engaging and innovative process. For example, our Hackathon Sponsors were at Future Lawyer Week (FLW) USA 2.0, Josef, a no-code software platform that empowers lawyers and legal professionals to automate legal tasks. The promotion of their platform was a great success – our audience broadened their knowledge and got to experience something new and innovative, and Josef got fantastic publicity.

Product Showcase Package

Some of us learn quickly by listening and reading. Some are visual learners, so why not showcase or run a product demonstration during the conference, and get the undivided attention of potential clients? This great package lets you engage with the audience while promoting and showing your work. With this opportunity to present your product, you also get two additional delegate passes and one pop-up banner. This package has demonstrated great success over our past events. Take, for example, the showcase from LexCheck at Legal Innovators California. Their demonstration had over 80 people engaged and interested in their product, so why not get a Product Showcase Package and see how much people’s attention you can attract and promote your product!

The Stand-Alone Package 

This Stand-Alone Speaker Package offers the opportunity to speak on a topic of your choice for 15 minutes during the conference day. This is a thought leadership style presentation demonstrating your expertise in the industry – this will give you excellent marketing promotion, and you will soon hear people around you mentioning you and your firm. The Stand-Alone package ensures you a speaking position and two additional delegate passes. 

The Panel Speaker Package

If you cannot decide what you want to talk about but want to share your opinion, do not stress – the panel speaker package allows your chosen speaker to sit on and discuss one of our pre-selected topics alongside industry experts. This package includes a one-panel speaker and two additional delegate passes. Request a brochure to read all the panel topics available. 

The Exhibitor Package

If you get nervous talking in front of people or have not yet overcome your stage fright, do not worry! Cosmonauts has prepared the perfect package for you – the Exhibitor Package. Attend, grow your network, broaden your get those leads, get to know the latest trends in the industry and most importantly, have a great time!

If any of these sponsor packages caught your attention or you have additional questions feel free to contact us. We would love to help and have you as our sponsor!

Cosmonauts aim to deliver only the best when it comes to creating events! We have come a long way since our first show –  and we make sure to outdo the previous with every passing one. So why not join us on our journey? Let us help each other broaden our horizons, explore and create new opportunities! If you are interested in creating your own event, click the button below and contact us.

If you are interested in any of our current events, here is how you can become our sponsor! Cosmonauts has prepared a variety of sponsor packages from which you can choose:

Who are Cosmonauts?

Cosmonauts provide B2B Growth Services, including Funding Support, Research, Business Development, Bespoke & Own Brand Tech Conferences. Many of our successful events cover industries such as legaltech, space commercialisation, agritech, green tech, IP commercialisation and many more. Our conferences have shown great success, and based on our testimonials, our attendees and sponsors are beyond impressed with our work! To see the testimonials from our latest events, head to our youtube channel. 

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