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London IP Week (LIPW) is back for its fifth edition from the 20th-21st of September 2022! The conference will be filled with panel sessions, stand alone presentations, product showcases, round tables, and insightful conversations on the most up to date IP news and industry trends. 

Want to learn more? Check out our other blog posts on LIPW to keep reading! You can also visit our website to learn more about the event sponsors, speakers, and to purchase your ticket.

We don’t want you to fall behind while you’re waiting for the conference to begin! Here’s the latest IP news round up, and everything you need to know about what’s happening in the world of IP right now. 

Bored Ape Bonanza

A Chinese court has given a ‘landmark’ decision that will determine how NFT infringement will be addressed in the future. The court ruled in favour of the plaintiff, who claimed that the platform they used to buy and sell NFTs had an obligation to not only address NFT infringement as it occurred, but to also prevent it from happening on the platform at all. 

Read more before you buy your next NFT. 

European Patent Office is Getting Technical

The EPO has updated its guidelines on the patentability of Computer Implemented Inventions (CIIs). From now on, CIIs must be defined in ‘technical’ terms, and must also solve ‘technical’ problems to be considered patentable. This new approach creates more emphasis on the practical abilities of new inventions, rather than their creative attributes. 

Want more info? Check out this article

All I Want for Christmas Is… Sued?

Mariah Carey is being sued for alleged copyright infringement over her song ‘All I Want for Christmas Is You’. Songwriter Andy Stone claims that he wrote a different song with the same name, and did not consent for that name to be used on Carey’s number. 

Someone’s getting coal this year… You can find more details here

To Be, or Not to Be

Does an inventor have to be a human? That’s what courts across the world are trying to decide right now. At the moment, patent registration offices typically only accept patent applications from human inventors, but you never know. The autonomy of AI is growing, and the rise of software ‘inventors’ raises a plethora of new questions to answer. 

Read the full article here for more information. 

Third Times the Charm

Apple has tried to convince a judge to hold a third trial to address their violation of patents held by Optis Wireless Technology LLC. The judge has denied the request for a new trial, and Apple will fork over $300 million dollars. 

Interested? Read this article for more details. 

Your best bet for an IRL update on the latest IP news is at LIPW 5.0 this September! Join us later this year to collaborate on industry discussions and innovations!

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