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FLW UK Day 1: What we have in store for in-house legal departments

Welcome back to our new blog series for Future Lawyer Week UK 4.0! Perhaps one of our favourite parts of the year is launching FLW, where we get to see industry professionals discuss the most thought provoking legal tech trends and news out there. This year is our fourth and most exciting launch yet for the UK, and in case you have missed it we have been able to announce the new dates for the event: 12-15th July 2021. This means that FLW UK will run as planned in line with governmental regulations.In this edition of our insider blog, we are giving you insight on Day 2 (13th July 2021): In-house Legal Day! We have a wide range of speakers from various backgrounds for this day, which you can always check out

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider for in-house legal tech is the ins and outs of implementation. According to a recent Gartner publication, by 2024, ‘legal departments will have automated 50% of legal work related to major corporate transactions.’  So, the need is there, but where would one begin? We prepared Day 2 of FLW UK with a wide range of panels, that specifically look into the skills and strategies needed to service organisation’s legal and business needs. In this, Maurits Annegarn, Segment Manager of Legal Software from Wolters Kluwer will discuss tech implementation with us. Wolters Kluwer are experts in legal tech insights, providing professional information, software solutions and services and we are excited to have them come along. If you would like to find out more about them ahead of FLW UK, you can do so

It will be great to get an insight into implementation, but many legal departments may not even be aware of which parts of legal departments need automation. According to Royi Gonzalez, CEO of Rayna Corp, ‘in 2021, legal professionals should be following the technology that transforms how basic administrative work can be automated.’ Questions such as ‘what to automate and why?’ will be discussed by Tom Dunlop, CEO and Co-Founder of Summize. Summize are also coming along to our FLW UK series, having deep knowledge of contract lifecycle. To find out more about what they can offer in legal tech, click

Besides implementation strategy and automation, we will raise questions in how to calculate and overcome challenges in legal tech implementation. We are excited to have KorumLegal in this discussion, as their mission has always been to shake up, disrupt and inject new life into how legal services are provided, which has allowed them to establish their services exactly for the reason of challenging traditional ways. Danh Nguyen, General Manager and Managing Consultant, at KorumLegal will join us to speak regarding innovative flexible solutions in legal tech. If you would like to find out more about KorumLegal in advance, you can do so

Following discussions about overcoming challenges, Day 2 of FLW UK 4.0 will conclude by highlighting the benefits of legaltech, after all it’s the part we all want to know, ‘Can implementing tech really save you money?’ For this panel, we are very excited to have Adam Hirschovits, General and Commercial Counsel from The Roald Dahl Story Company Ltd speak. Though The Roald Dahl Story Company is not solely based on legal tech, they have extensive experience in managing legal rights and services, and it will be fascinating to find out more about their journey of using legal tech in their department! The website for The Roald Dahl Story Company can be found

There you have it, your top FLW UK 4.0 insights, and all you need to know about Day 2! Don’t forget, you can request a brochure and find more information on the new website

In case this is not quite the event you were looking for, we have a wide range of portfolio of packages for all your business needs! Find out more about what Cosmonauts can offer you

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