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Our client Legal Connection has been on an exciting journey in the past few weeks and we are excited to share its success with you. For those who haven’t read our previous blog post about Legal Connection, it is a communication and collaboration platform for the future of law that enables networks of legal professionals to compete with large partnership firms. They have developed a platform that aims to fuse client-centred, collaborative workflows and the next generation of financial technology.

Legal Connection is an early-stage startup with enormous potential to democratise the Trillion-dollar legal profession which took the next step of their growth process and is raising funding. We at Cosmonauts are passionate about supporting the next generation of businesses, now more than ever. We stand alongside Legal Connection that is pushing the edges and will go on to leave a mark on the world. Cosmonauts know what startup life is like – a lot of things to do and just not enough time or resources to do it. Funding is necessary but it requires a lot of effort and is a distraction from day-to-day activities. That’s where Cosmonauts come in and support you throughout your funding journey. Legal Connection worked with us to conduct market research and find their ideal customers. Using our reach in the legal community we helped the startup had their first paying customer 3 months ago during the difficult economic situation because of the pandemic.

Cosmonauts supported Guy Stern, the CEO and co-founder of Legal Connection, create a crowdfunding video and launch it on the Crowdcube platform as well as contact clients within its targeted segments.

The campaign was a great success for Legal Connection: they not only reached its seed round goal of £120K within only 8 days after going public on the Crowdcube platform but also exceeded it with over £50K and is still running until December 15th 2020. Sky’s the limit – now 9 days until the end of the seed round campaign Legal Connection is on its way to attract many more investors and continue product development.

Cosmonauts believe in new thinking and big ideas that challenge the status quo and we are determined to help these businesses fuel a more wonderful tomorrow. Stay tuned to get inspired by what’s to come within our fundraising campaigns for businesses.

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