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As Cosmonauts continues to grow (even during 2020) we are excited to introduce 7 new interns who will be joining us, 5 in the London office and 2 who will be working remotely.

As staff we are the lucky ones, with no furlough grant used and by doubling down our commitment Cosmonauts have not only thrived during lock down, we have added new products and services and now 7 new members of staff will be joining us.

Owner and CEO Timo Karakashev pledged “we have set a recruitment policy that will assure 80% of our new hires in the next 12 months will be of 25 years old or younger”.

This policy came to light during a round table conversation amongst the team during a recent meeting, Timo said: “ I feel for anyone coming out of university this summer. Not only can I understand their anxieties, but I am also angry that a generation already outpriced of their education and housing, now has to take another burden – returning the debt we are currently borrowing. A generation that will carry us into the future should be taken care of today. Not only because it’s fair, but because it’s pragmatic and sensible. 

He added “While we have shown tremendous compassion as a society having ensured the well being of our elderly and vulnerable, we shall not forget what matters most – the next generation”.

Welcome to the Cosmonauts team 

We wish these interns great success for their futures as we hope to guide and mould them into full time professionals ready to take on the world.

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