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Let’s get tech-nical. Managing the metaverse, new EU regulations, data scraping and AI market trends – it’s the modern matrix and we’re trying our best to regulate it. Your next opportunity for an IRL legal tech update across the pond is Legal Innovators California.

Created by Artificial Lawyer and organised by Cosmonauts, this live event is taking place in less than a month, on June 9th

Find us in the modern Bespoke at Westfield venue, situated in the centre of San Francisco just a stone’s throw away from Powell Street Station.

Reserve your space today!

Before then, let’s do some entertaining prep-work together so that you’re all geared-up for the day. 

Ready for our next instalment of Cosmonauts’ Let’s Talk Legal Tech blog series? We’ve sourced five of the biggest stories from Legal Tech news so that we can make sense of it together!

Protecting the Metaverse

Source: cnet

With businesses investing in real money virtual assets, questions on insurance coverage for digital assets is a rapidly growing topic. This is especially the case as the money at stake is high, with an investment firm spending US$4 million for 2,000 acres of virtual real estate in a metaverse platform called The Sandbox.

Currently, the ownership of metaverse assets is not organised by property law at all but by contract law. ‘Ownership’ in the metaverse may not be the same as in the physical world and consumers are at the risk of being scammed.

For greater innovation and a sustainable metaverse, clarity is needed. Read more on the conversation here and here.

Explosive Growth Projections in Legal Tech AI

Source: pixabay

Advance Market Analytics recently published research on “LegalTech Artificial Intelligence (AI) Market Insights, to 2027.” The study details new Trends, Drivers, Restraints and Opportunities and projected the exponential growth of Legal Tech AI. Its growth is predicted to be the result of increased worldwide R&D spending in the sector.

For more on key players, check out this article.

Major Tech Giants Conned into Disclosing Users’ Personal Information

Source: bloomberglaw

The mistake was made as a result of fake emergency legal requests that don’t require a court order. Tech companies have readily shared personal data to law enforcement agencies in the past when the risk of imminent danger was involved. Scammers used this loop-hole to forge requests and collect data on minors and women.

Alex Stamos, former chief security officer at Facebook, exalts official law enforcing organisations to work with tech companies to create dedicated channels for sensitive material to be safely shared between tech giants and law enforcement organisations.

New EU Digital Regulations 

Source: pixabay

The European Union (EU) has passed new digital regulations, forcing big tech companies to police illegal content on their platforms more strictly. The consequence in the event of failure? Potentially, multibillion-dollar fines.

Read more about this ground-breaking piece of legislation here.

Public LinkedIn Data Scraping is Legal?

Source: kinsta

After five long years, LinkedIn has lost their battle against hiQ Labs in the Supreme Court. They argued that hiQ violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The United States Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals has recently ruled that LinkedIn “can’t stop it’s competitor”, hiQ, who is allowed to use publicly available data from LinkedIn users. 

LinkedIn spokesperson, Gregg Snapper, stated that they would not give up the case yet. Read more here.

Left Wanting More After This Month’s Legal Tech Update? 

Your next chance for a IRL candid conversation, in the states,on the latest and greatest in Legal Tech is under a month away! Legal Innovators California is happening soon, June 9th, and we’re so excited to see what legal innovation has to offer a two year long wait.

Don’t leave all the papers till later. Secure your spot at our live event today!

Legal Innovators California, like our London event, is a conference providing attendees the opportunity to broaden their knowledge and network in the world of legal technology, innovation and the business of law. Legal Innovators is about the real-life experiences of people working to solve their firm’s and client’s challenges through cutting edge innovation.

There will be mind-stimulating panel discussions, engaging product demos and stand-alone talks on the most up-to-date trends in this vastly growing field.

With so many like-minded legal professionals in the room, there won’t be a moment where you’re not expanding your understanding and connections!

For more information on what to expect, check out our blog!

Can’t wait until June? Read our previous Legal Tech blog posts if you haven’t already!

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Can’t Make it to Legal Innovators Cali? Check Out Our Other Events!

At Cosmonauts, we organise and tailor an array of different events to connect like-minded individuals and to showcase the latest in legal tech, space commercialisation, IP and much more.

Over on this side of the pond, Future Lawyer Week is returning for the fifth time on May 17th at etc. Venues, St Paul’s London. Join us for a day full of networking opportunities and the latest legal tech has to offer in the heart of London!

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