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The Dublin IP and R&D Summit (DIPS) is back for 3.0 in June! This two-day conference takes on everything intellectual property, from panels that dive into the hottest topics to dedicated networking breaks that will allow you to make connections with the key figures leading the future of IP. The first day of the event is dedicated entirely to the commercialisation of IP with a workshop hosted by the legendary Mathys & Squire Consulting, the experts in patent and trademark law with over a century of experience. 

This workshop will guide participants thoroughly through each step in the path between innovation and commercialisation – keep reading to see the full breakdown of what to expect!


The Dublin IP and R&D Summit will take place in Dublin on the 28th and 29th of June; this unique event will play host to industry leaders with expertise and anyone else with a stake in intellectual property. 

On the first day of the conference, Mathys & Squire Consulting will be hosting an all-day workshop that looks at IP commercialisation. Mathys & Squire Consulting is a well-acknowledged provider of IP training with a history of giving expert training to organisations across the world. Their team is made up of specialists that regularly work with IP-rich and high-growth companies leveraging complex technologies – and you have a chance to learn from them!

The Workshop

Richard Nugent is one of the experts over at Mathys & Squire Consulting; with over 20 years of experience working in multinational corporate environments across multiple sectors, he is a well-rounded Head of IP Strategy. He delivers a wide array of intellectual property services, including intangible asset audits, competitor analysis, IP strategy, IP management, IP search, IP training, and contracts consulting. 

The workshop, while tackling the whole of IP commercialisation, will be centred on some of the vital points in the process. Here’s what the experts will be focusing on:

  • Creation – This facet looks at finding solutions, adapting previous innovations, third parties, open source, uniqueness, and the inventive step.
  • Capturing – Analyse communications, recording/documentation, policies, searching, decision-making, acquiring, and sale/transfer agreements.
  • Protection – Here you’ll learn about publication, trade secrets, patents, copyright, commercial strategies, costs/budgets, timescales, and benchmarking
  • Valuation – Why, what, how, and when should you value intangible assets? This is a brief overview on understanding the value of intangible assets.
  • Exploitation – This will cover licensing, sales, patent pools, patent box, investor discussions, commercial strategies, and M&A

Mathys & Squire Consulting trainers will guide the workshop participants through all aspects of the IP lifecycle, ensuring each one leaves with a greater sense of confidence in managing and leveraging value from their organisation’s IP and intangible assets. 

Here’s a highlight of a few of the topics they’ll discuss:

  • A simple introduction to the basic terms and meaning of intangible assets
  • How to capture, protect, and manage IP (patents, trademarks, copyright, trade secrets)
  • How to protect brands, know-how and other assets
  • How to develop an IP strategy that aligns with business objectives
  • Understanding the IP landscape and competition
  • Acquiring and monetising IP
  • Dealing with IP disputes
  • Becoming investment-ready!

This workshop is designed for anyone looking to expand their knowledge and understanding of the complexities of IP – whether you’re a CEO or inventor, you’ll be able to walk away with something valuable!

Why Attend?

Last year, our attendees had a blast at the workshop; Joe Doyle, IP Manager at Enterprise Ireland, said ‘we had the IP workshop with Mathys & Squire and it was a very active and engaging event with about 40 companies, all exploring their ip strategy options with expert guidance.’

You can hear from other attendees in last year’s recap now! 

Check out the previous blog to learn more about what we have in store for our conference attendees and why you should get involved with DIPS!

For anyone looking to deepen their understanding of intellectual property, no matter where you are in your commercialisation journey, this is the event for you. Secure your place now and take the first step towards your IP commercialisation success!

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