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1. Client relationship management is one of the least expected tools for use in 2021, and Legal Connection is here to save.  

Keeping up with current events, 2020 will most certainly appear in history books, as having has rewritten industry operations, requiring us all to re-evaluate the way we communicate and interact with others. While this time has brought confusion and slower problem solutions, Legal Connection has decided to take matters into their own hands. Recently, Gartner has predicted that within the next two years, 33% of corporate legal departments are to have a dedicated technology expert. Recognising our new lifestyle of keeping virtual meetings, this platform allows you to keep up to date with your clients while ensuring highest security of your information. No need to sit and wait, relentlessly refreshing your email in 2021, Legal Connection provides the confidential and formal space you need to easily and comfortably discuss matters. 

The platform is the world’s first legal management space to integrate with an SRA regulated Third Party Management Accounts Provider, through Shieldpay, and multi-factor authentication you can also safely request deposits and transactions. Following the news that many platforms have recently decided to let go of end-to-end encryption you may wonder if in the legal industry it is at all possible to find a trustworthy tool. To ease your mind, Legal Connection ensures that each conversation you may have is kept in a secure, encrypted group chat, while you can upload files, quotes and invoices in the same confidentiality. 

Keeping organised and efficient from any location from around the globe is a key tool in today’s market, and this is exactly what the platform offers. Be it project management, file sharing, invoicing or a simple chat with your team, you can find more information about Legal Connection  here:https://legalconnection.co/  to join your go-to legal platform.

2. Using paperless data storage is still the safest, most efficient way to go: Ruby Datum provides Virtual Data Rooms without the clutter. 

Statista has recently found that one of the largest leading technological tools within the legal industry are secure document and record management platforms. Yes, we are all aware our files are now kept in the “Cloud” or “Drive,” but things are not as simple in the legal industry. Data storage is one of the most important things in the market, and while going paperless is already more private, ease of organisation is still not guaranteed.

Ruby Datum have developed its VDRs with user experience and satisfaction in mind: keeping your data invisible to others, but rather simple for you to find. This is enabled through the ability to apply or disable certain functions, which have gone through rigorous testing to make sure your data space is really your own. 

Customisation is key in any part of our lives, keeping this in focus, you can store your data the way you see it fitting your brand best. Ruby Datum allows VDR personalisation to suit individual business requirements, while providing the highest grade infrastructure and around the clock technical support. Becoming a market leader through a secure, fast and up to date software is the way to go in 2021. 

To find out more about the possibilities Ruby Datum provides click here: https://www.rubydatum.com/legal-services 

3. Legal research tools are used amongst 76% of firms, while extensive historical  data is key, modern access is the winner, Westlaw is the favourite. 

According to research, lawyers spend around 20% of their time conducting legal research, and this tool is not just books anymore. 2021 will lead the industry into further paperless practices, which also includes virtual legal research. Westlaw Edge is by far the most popular software used for legal research, as it has over 100 years of editorial and publication history, continuously investing into research and development. The software uses AI to aid fast and valuable research into an extensive range of papers, where efficiency, accuracy and insight are the key values. 

Amongst the many features, Westlaw provides research in the wider aspect too: including Litigation Analytics for insights on judges, attorneys and firms, KeyCite to warn when a point of law in your personal case has been implicitly undermined, and provide Quick Checks too, incase you have missed something. To learn more about the highly trustworthy go-to tool in legal research, you can do so here: https://legal.thomsonreuters.com/en/products/westlaw

4. eDiscovery is not the same as legal research, and there are solutions for it in Microsoft 365.

While eDiscovery in other words the electronic aspect of finding, storing information (ESI) is not the latest concept to have happened in 2020, it will certainly rely more and more on AI in 2021. ESI has become more popular due to its ease of storing masses of information such as time and date stamps, recipient and locational information, while it takes up large storage space. Statista says that almost 70% of firms use eDiscovery, so the competition in the to-go software is always crucial. 

Microsoft 365 has been around for a while too, it has recently been investing more into its Advanced eDiscovery tool. According to Legal Intelligence, 2021 will lead more and more firms to adopt this service. Microsoft 365 offers a range of successful tools including Content Search, Core eDiscovery and Advanced eDiscovery. Microsoft is one of the highest investors into AI and constant software development, which is why it guarantees long term partnership in the legal field too. 

To find out more about what Microsoft 365 eDiscovery tool offers click here: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoft-365/compliance/ediscovery?view=o365-worldwide 

To learn more about how Microsoft 365 is developing in 2021, find it here: https://www.law.com/thelegalintelligencer/2020/12/11/these-5-trends-will-drive-changes-to-e-discovery-in-2021/ 

5. Law practice management software is a must, and 2021 will prove it with the help of Clio. 

While personal organisation is already done electronically since every smartphone has a diary, the legal industry requires a more complex and secure functions yet simple user experience solution to arrange, control and manage cases. If 2020 has dictated anything, it was the need to manage things from home, while keeping matters going. Clio has been the market leader for years, and in 2020 it has become the number 1 legal case management software, offering a complex package for simplistic usage. 

Administrative tasks are timely and costly in-office, let alone outside, and Clio has focused on improving this, no matter your location. The key features offer the ability to connect from all of your devices, making all your files, contacts and data available whenever, wherever it is needed. To make everything even more convenient, Clio can be synced with other Microsoft apps, such as emails and calendars, while ensuring GDPR and SRA compliance. If there is an app for everything, Clio is the go-to for law practice management, looking at a lot of new updates in 2021. 

To gain experience in the convenient way of award winning support for law practice management, in partnership with the Law Society England, Wales and Scotland, you can find all the information here: https://www.clio.com/uk/ 

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