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As the highly anticipated Dublin IP and R&D Summit 3.0 approaches, the countdown has begun to this immersive event that brings together intellectual property enthusiasts, legal experts, and seasoned industry professionals, all under one roof!  

With just one week remaining, we are thrilled to unveil the latest updates and additions that will make this year’s summit the most engaging and enriching experience to date.

Are you attending the IP Commercialisation Workshop too?

Join Richard Nugent and Brian More from Mathys & Squire Consulting Ltd. on June 28th, a day before the conference, for an exclusive intellectual property training. From basic to masterclass-level, they will cover a wide range of IP topics, providing valuable insights into the world of IP. Don’t miss this opportunity to enhance your IP knowledge!

Sign up and check out the workshop agenda below! 

Meet Our New Additions 💁✨:

We are delighted to announce that our already impressive roster of speakers has expanded with new additions from renowned experts in the field of intellectual property. See below for: Ronan Fox, Senior VP, IT R&D, ICON Plc, Alejandro Llosa, Senior Legal Counsel, Contracting PMI Lead Europe, Accenture, Arsenia Golubenkova, Legal Counsel, Playrix and David Goodfellow, Vice President, Chief IP Counsel, APTIV

These esteemed professionals will share their valuable insights, perspectives, and experiences, providing attendees with fresh ideas and practical knowledge to navigate the ever-evolving IP landscape.

We are thrilled to unveil and extend our sincerest gratitude to the remarkable sponsors of the upcoming Dublin IP and R&D Summit 3.0: Minesoft, IPValue, HGF, RedPoints and EI

Their unwavering support and expertise bring an extra touch of brilliance to this one-of-a-kind conference. With eager anticipation, we can’t wait for our sponsors to dazzle everyone with their exceptional products and services. Prepare to be amazed as they unveil their cutting-edge solutions, revolutionary technologies, and visionary insights into the world of intellectual property. Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will leave you inspired, informed, and equipped to shape the future of innovation.

The Dublin IP and R&D Summit 3.0 is on the horizon, and the anticipation is palpable. With a week remaining, we encourage all participants to make the most of this valuable opportunity by familiarising themselves with the event agenda, identifying sessions of interest, and preparing to engage with our esteemed speakers and fellow attendees.

Join us for a dynamic and riveting experience at the Dublin IP and R&D Summit 3.0. We are excited to witness the exchange of knowledge, meaningful connections, and the collective enthusiasm that will make this year’s event truly exceptional.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Dublin IP and R&D Summit 3.0, where intellectual property meets innovation and growth!

And if you’d like to get involved with the event, we have several sponsorship opportunities still available. From speaking to hosting our lavish drinks reception, get in touch with the team and we’ll find something for you!

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