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It’s been already 7 months since the majority of the western world went under an absolute lockdown in order to protect public health and combat COVID-19. The whole world switched from physical to virtual and there were a lot of people who genuinely believed that this change came to stay and that our new reality would only be virtual. However, apparently this is not the case. After everything started hesitantly re-opening in mid July 2020, it became clear that people value human interaction and although they are willing to make sacrifices in the short-term in order to preserve public health, they are looking forward to the moment that they will be able to interact with each other without restrictions. 

Once government regulations allow it, people will be rushing to attend events, festivals, performances and social gatherings. Sooner or later the time will come. If you want to secure a strong ROI rate for your business & products, don’t make a last minute choice because it is likely that you will not get the ROI you want. Hence, you should plan ahead, plan for the future, stay safe today! 

Cosmonauts has introduced a new refund policy where you can buy your sponsorship package today and get a 100% refund in the event that the conference is cancelled due to COVID-19. The 100% refund policy applies for all the Cosmonauts events that are scheduled to take place in 2021, namely Future Lawyer Week 4.0, Dublin IP and R&D Summit 2.0, Legal Innovators UK, Legal Innovators California, London IP Week and GAIA 

With 80% of our Sponsors returning to our events every year, trust us when we say that our events provide the perfect vehicle for repositioning your brand, increasing competitive advantage, improving brand awareness or launching a new product.

Do you have questions? Please ask us! Contact [email protected] and we will provide you with all the information you need to know.

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