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Legal Innovators UK (LIUK) is back! After two successful Legal Innovators UK shows and one excellent conference in San Francisco, California, it gives us great pleasure to  announce that the third iteration of Legal Innovators UK is returning to etc. venues St Paul’s!

Cosmonauts provide B2B Growth Services, including Funding Support, Research, Business Development, Bespoke & Own Brand Tech Conferences. We have partnered up with Richard Tromans, founder of Artificial Lawyer, a global legal tech news and analysis site, that aims to change the business of law via technology and better deployment of people within organisations. Richard has spent over 22 years working in the legal sector and he also runs a legal innovation advisory business. Through this partnership, Cosmonauts and Artificial Lawyer have made LIUK a dream come true!

What is LIUK?

LIUK is an event that aims to be the pinnacle of change to lead the legal sector to the next level with the help of the newest and latest technologies, ideas and innovations. If this caught your attention, then make sure to get your ticket to the conference today!

LIUK is all about gathering people to share their views on how combining law and tech will make practising law more efficient, easy and accessible. LIUK is a two-day conference with day one focused on how legal organisations and services propel innovations in the legal sector. Day two will cover the leading-edge innovations in in-house legal teams and how they affect clients. 

Join us at LIUK and be the change the legal industry needs! To learn more about LIUK, click the button below.

Who is Speaking at LIUK?

Good thing you asked! Here is a quick preview of who you will get to meet at LIUK! For the full list check out the website!

On day one, LIUK invited Zach Abramowitz, founder of Killer Whale Strategies, a boutique consultancy that helps AmLaw 100 law firms and Fortune 500 companies capitalise on legal industry disruption. He is an NYU Law trained attorney turned startup entrepreneur and investor. He is also an investor in legaltech startups including LegalMation, TermScout and 10be5. Prior to starting his own businesses, Zach worked as an M&A associate at Schulte Roth & Zabel LLP.  Zach Abramowitz will share with us his vision on why and how “Efficiency is for Amateurs: Why Talent Retention is Becoming Legaltech’s New KPI”.

Let us not forget Greg Baker, Global Head of Practice Innovation at Linklaters, he  leads a team of innovation lawyers and other professionals to improve the client and lawyer experience, and continually increase efficiency. Greg works closely with our lawyers, knowledge lawyers, technology teams and clients to ensure we are using the right technology and processes to deliver excellent client service. He has a keen interest in and deep knowledge of the LegalTech market and the technologies that power it, and keeps the practice and our clients abreast of the latest developments. Greg will participate in one of LIUK’s panels – “Leading Innovation, An Evolving Role”. Discussion about how, in the last five years, the idea that law firms should have specific teams focused on innovation has become the norm and where things are going in 2022. What does a legal innovation team do today? And how has its role evolved? 

On day two, we are excited to introduce you to Gaurav Gupta, Global Head of Contract Operations & Digitalisation at Nokia. He will be participating in the “Getting CLM Right” panel. Gaurav Gupta will discuss how it’s tempting to see CLM tech as a silver bullet. However, there is, in fact, a lot of preparation that comes first. Before a significant CLM project, exploring what clients need to know comes first. 

LIUK has invited many more exciting industry leaders, so make sure to be there!

How Do I Get Involved?

Legal Innovators UK is not just for people in the legal and technological fields. All interested parties are welcome to attend to learn more about this rapidly expanding industry. If you want to learn more about the newest legal developments, attend LIUK 3.0! Secure your chance to widen your legal horizons, expand your network, and meet new people at the event. 

So why not attend, Cosmonauts and Artificial Lawyer will be more than happy to have you!!! 

Take a look at the video below to see what our previous delegates thought of LIUK!

Not sure how to book your spot for Legal Innovators UK? Do not worry. We have made it easy for you. Just click the button below.

We can’t wait to see you at Legal Innovators UK 2022 on the 10th and 11th of November!

Can’t Get Enough of Cosmonauts Events?

Cosmonauts host other exciting events not only in the legal sector but also in the agritech, environmental industry and many more high growth, high purpose sectors. If Legal Innovators UK has caught your attention, you definitely have to check our other conferences!!! Just click the button below.

See you at Legal Innovators UK 3.0! 

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