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According to McKinsey, up to 80 percent of businesses use social collaboration tools for enhancing business processes. It’s clear that collaboration is essential for your business’ growth and success. Not just among your own team, but with a broader business community. 

Round-table discussions are one of the many ways Cosmonauts are working to build collaborative communities during and beyond our events. Read to the end of this article for information on how to enter into our first ‘collaborative communities ticket draw’ for the chance to win a free ticket for an upcoming Cosmonauts event!

The key intention behind each of our events, whether we’re covering Space Robotics, Intellectual Property Law, Agri-tech, Legal Tech or any other industry, is to facilitate a collaborative community who share ideas and insights, forming lifelong, sometimes industry changing, connections.

After two years of limited social-interaction, Cosmonauts could not be happier about the return of in-person events. There’s something uniquely engaging and motivating about being able to gather together in-person with individuals of like-minded interests and professions. 

At Dublin IP and R&D Summit 2.0 we concluded our event with roundtable discussions on; Protection, Commercialisation, Housekeeping / Management and People by and large. Each of our roundtable discussions connected with the four panel discussions taking place at Dublin IP and R&D Summit. 

Through this simple format, our event delegates could discuss and expand upon the points made by speakers such as Adeline Fleming, Senior Managing Counsel at Mastercard, Brendan Guildea, Barrister at Law, The Bar of Ireland and Barry Connolly, Senior Legal Counsel at Three mobile.  

Developing this community begins with an event, but it doesn’t end there. Here at Cosmonauts we want to develop our collaborative communities beyond one single event, which is why we’re opening the opportunity to win one of ten free tickets for two of our upcoming London IP Week 5.0 and Dublin IP and R&D Summit 3.0! To be submitted into the draw for a ticket.

All of our round-table discussions are based on the content discussed by industry leaders during panel discussions. Interested in learning more about our panels? You can read about We Couldn’t Miss the Hype: IP & AI and When Talk isn’t Cheap on the Cosmonauts blog page. 

Or, are you interested in experiencing our round-table & panel discussions in person? Then check out our upcoming events; SPACEtalks (April 27th) and London IP Week 5.0 (20th-21st September)!

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