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What an incredible time we had at the Dublin IP and R&D Summit 2023 – from the IP Commercialisation Workshop to the full conference and exhibition day, we were thrilled to see such a passionate and engaged audience exploring the intricate world of intellectual property and innovation! We hope you had a rewarding and insightful experience. 

We couldn’t resist taking a moment to extend a heartfelt shout-out to the incredible attendees, speakers, sponsors and hosts who made the Dublin IP and R&D Summit an unforgettable event. Each one of you brought a special spark to the event, and we’re thrilled to reflect on the thought-provoking discussions and enlightening presentations we shared together. So, let’s embark on a delightful journey through some best moments that perfectly encapsulate our time together. 

Mathys & Squire Consulting’s IP Commercialisation Workshop 

At Cosmonauts, our mission is to put the right people in the same space – and that’s exactly what we did at this IP Commercialisation Workshop! Hosted by Mathys and Squire Consulting’s very own Richard Nuggent and Brian More, the workshop unveiled the unique intricacies of developing a concrete IP strategy. 

With the help of the professionals, IP owners from Curran Scientific, MediaHQ, Allergy Standards Limited, University of Limerick, enBio and many more, engaged in interactive sessions, fostering their knowledge on how to properly commercialise their own intellectual property. Most people might have left with more questions than they came with, but with a deeper sense of understanding of the importance of commercialising innovation and how to approach it!

If you loved the Dublin Workshop (or missed it), register for the next one landing in London on the 28th of September 2023. 

The Conference

The Dublin IP and R&D Summit’s full conference included four exhilarating panels and several other engaging speaking sessions, hosting industry leaders from across IP onstage to discuss the hottest topics. Here are a few highlights!

‘Stepping It Up’, the first panel of the day, dove head-first into companies facing an age of open innovation projects taking off – and what this means for their IP strategies. The star-studded stage hosted Justin Lawler, Chief Technology Officer of Qualflow Systems; Ian Pepper, Director Technology Innovation at Novartis; David Goodfellow, Vice President, Chief IP Counsel at APTIV; and Breffni Sheridan, Senior Counsel, Global Transactions Team – European Lead (M&A) at Canada Life Group

The second panel of the day, ‘Optimal IP in a Sub-Optimal Economy’, took on the very-pressing topic of optimising your IP portfolio during economic decline. With experts like Paul Ahern of IPValue, Ronan Fox, Senior VP, IT R&D at ICON Plc, and Marlene Connolly, General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer at Nuritas, weighing in, this session was a vibrant array of all of the tactics businesses can employ to not only protect their IP, but leverage it in the face of economic trouble.

“Don’t be afraid to prune your IP portfolio – it’s scary, but ultimately forces focus and saves costs.” – Marlene Connolly, General Counsel, Chief Legal Officer, Nuritas

Following an exciting networking lunch, we were honoured to host Neale Richmond TD, Minister of State for Business, Employment and Retail at the Department of Enterprise, Trade and Employment for an exclusive afternoon keynote. The Minister discussed and analysed the UPC and Unitary Patents in a powerful address that not only engaged every member of the audience, but left them buzzing with inspiration. He demonstrated a commitment to Irish participation in the UPC, as well as an acute awareness of the importance of IP to the Irish economy and ended the speech by calling for everyone to support the referendum on the UPC ratification.

“Fantastic to hear Minister Neale Richmond TD provide some updates around the benefits coming in terms of EU harmonisation [with] all things IP-protection in Europe.” – Aidan Finn, CEO & Co-Founder, Binarii Labs

Finally, it was time for our last panel of the day. ‘Get Set – Go’ was an exciting session that took a look at unitary patents and the UPC system – specifically, the challenges placed onto Irish businesses due to being left out of the system. This was an opportunity for our panellists to dive into this hot topic a mere four weeks after the universal patent came into effect in 17 EU countries. 

John Whelan, the master of resilience and Knowledge Transfer Manager at Trinity College, presented us with this powerful quote during the session: “We’re swapping mistakes for learnings.” In the fast-paced world of innovation, we embrace our mistakes as stepping stones to success. It’s like transforming a stumble into an opportunity to learn and grow, armed with valuable insights that pave the way for future achievements!

Our panellists included Naoise Gaffney, VP, Head of Intellectual Property at GH Research; Triona Walshe, Senior Director, Supervisory IP Counsel at Bausch + Lomb; and John O’Donoghue, CEO of Enbio Ltd., among others. Marie Walsh, Partner & Patent Attorney at GH Research and panel chair, lightened the mood, relating key IP preparation to another tricky concept: marriage. 

“A bit of training is always useful – like pre-marriage training!” – The Sage of Wit, Marie Walsh

In the realm of intellectual property (much like in relationships), continuous learning and growth are paramount. So, let’s raise our virtual glasses to training that equips us with the skills needed to navigate the intricacies of patents and copyrights with grace and finesse!

Our event chair, Intellectual Property Manager at Enterprise Ireland (our fantastic event partner!), Joe Doyle, delivered a few closing remarks to cap off the speaking sessions.

“I have to say that it was the most rewarding day. There was a great energy about the event this year and I just want to express my appreciation for the level of engagement with the programme by everyone.” – Joe Doyle, Intellectual Property Manager at Enterprise Ireland

Our roundtables were the final block on the agenda – and they were a blast! These sessions aim to spark conversation and connections around some of the hottest topics facing the world of intellectual property. Each of the five tables is hosted by an industry leader and takes on a key topic, breaking down the barrier of a stage, and allowing anyone to get directly involved in the discussion!

We closed the day off with a few celebratory drinks. This edition of the Dublin IP and R&D Summit was another great one – and we can’t wait until 4.0! We’d like to issue a very special ‘thank-you’ to our amazing sponsors and event partner, Enterprise Ireland, who made this event possible: Minesoft, IPValue, HGF, Red Points, and IPscreener.

You can pre-register for DIPS 4.0 now via the website!

Until then, we have another conference centred entirely on intellectual property returning to London! London IP Week is a dynamic, exciting, and engaging conference focused on advancing your stance in the world of IP. 

Now in its sixth edition, London IP Week hosts more than 400 esteemed IP leaders in order to catalyse change within this ever-changing sector. For anyone working with or investing in IP, this is the event for you – two days of concentrated content on the hottest topics, built-in networking breaks, and exclusive product demos, all in the heart of London.

Looking to get involved? Whether you’d like to speak on a panel of fellow IP experts, exhibit to a room full of curated attendees, showcase your company’s latest software, or even host a lavish drinks reception, London IP Week has several options that allow you to get involved in the magic behind one of these exciting events! 

Get in touch with the team today to see what’s available.

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