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Promoting Innovation Through Hackathons 

Hackathons have typically been an excellent educational and team-building opportunity, but the team at Cosmonauts put their heads together to find a way in we could leverage them to generate new leads for businesses

Through bringing together the brightest minds from your industry to generate cutting-edge solutions to business problems, Hackathons, by Cosmonauts, have been used predominantly by tech and manufacturing companies, targeting the legal industry. By offering our tried and tested formula within the legal industry, you can be assured you will have full support from the Cosmonaut team as we ensure the hackathon will be fully dealt with from start to finish.

What Cosmonauts Can Offer! 
We arrange all elements of your hackathon from A-Z:

1.Custom data-sets on your sales prospects produced by our in-house data team

2.Prospects recruited as hackathon participants by our sales team

3.Judge recruitment based on leading name from your target industry

4.Content production we’ll create real life cases to be solved at the hackathon

5.Logistics or Technical platform to host your event.

6.Marketing support services pre, during and post event

So How Does a Hackathon Work?

A Cosmonauts’ hackathon starts with producing custom data-sets on your sales prospects. From this, Cosmonauts’ sales team will recruit participants for the hackathon and a leading industry expert will be selected as a judge. Content production, logistics and technical support will be provided too as we take care of creating real life cases to be solved using your product at the hackathon. Additionally, Cosmonauts will support all marketing activities pre, during and post the event.

This modern approach to product solutions, used by businesses of varying sizes and industries, offers the chance for lead generation in a team-building sandbox-style environment. So what are you waiting for?  To advance your sales objectives in any industry and to target your audience in an innovative way, contact Cosmonauts today at [email protected]

Stay up to date with future Cosmonauts’ Hackathons by following us on social media. for more information on Hackathons you can read our previous blogs below:

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