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Cosmonauts is back with our fifth edition of London IP Week (LIPW)! The conference will take place on the 20th and 21st of September, held at etc.venues St. Paul’s. 

Sponsor London IP Week 5.0 today to get involved!

London IP Week brings together the most influential professionals from across the IP world. The event allows you to promote your products and services, connect with existing and potential clients, explore new partnerships and expand your reach in this rapidly growing sector.

Visit our website to learn more about the event!

Sponsor London IP Week and Be Part of This Amazing Event

LIPW 5.0 brings together the most influential decision makers from across the industry, such as IP Managers, In-House Legals & IP counsels, CEOs, CTOs, Founders, Managing Directors and many more professionals and specialists to tackle the challenges of managing, protecting, and commercialising IP. 

Here are some speakers Cosmonauts has prepared for you. On our first day of the conference we have invited Dr. Michael Natterer, Managing Director of Dennemeyer Octimine and Managing Director Dennemeyer Innovation. Dr. Claudia M. Duffy, CPO & Co-founder of Alta IP and EPA & Founder of Innovare IP,  Maria Nilova, Managing Director/Owner at PATENTICA and many more! 

On our second day we have Bartholomew DiVita, Head of Intellectual Property at London Stock Exchange Group. Dr. Alastair Barrow, CEO at Generic Robotics, Barry Golob, Co-Chair, Intellectual Property Litigation at Cozen O’Connor. Grant Moss, Founder & President at Adapt IP Ventures and many more! Visit our website and find out who else is coming to the show!

So if you can benefit from being in one room with all these fantastic speakers and organisations, why not contact us today, become a sponsor, and place yourself as a leader in the IP world! 

Be the Voice of Change! 

We have prepared panel discussions, insightful stand-alones, engaging live product demonstrations on the latest trends in the IP industry and more. By sponsoring our show, you get the chance to position yourself and your firm among the big companies! Why not participate in one of our many panels and sit among other industry experts on the most pressing topics in the IP industry

As the event is approaching, we have a few panels left. Talk to our sales team and secure your sponsorship package! Make sure to seize the moment, don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity and join us on our IP journey!

Expand your Outreach and Reach New Highs By Sponsoring

At London IP Week 5.0, we offer an array of different sponsorship packages that will further help you boost your brand and position yourself as an industry leader. We are here to help you reach your goals and targets, so why not sponsor our show today, promote your brand, advertise your services, and connect with potential clients, investors and future partnerships? 

Our team offers various sponsorship packages, each with its benefits and opportunities. We have tailored our packages to be according to your targets and goals. So if you aim to become an industry leader and put your firm out there, then the Stand-Alone package is perfect for you – position yourself under the spotlight and become the scene director. With this package, you decide on what topic you want to speak for 15 minutes during the conference day. Use this leadership style presentation and demonstrate your expertise in the industry – this will give you excellent marketing exposure.

The Product demo is another great package with many benefits, but the main gain is obtaining more leads, so if this is your primary goal, what are you waiting for? Secure your sponsorship package today!

To learn more about our sponsorship packages and the benefits of each package, read our blog or contact our sales team today to request a brochure and explore your options further.

Cosmonauts’ Other Events 

Cosmonauts has many fantastic conferences in various industries across the world.

We host other exciting events not only in the IP industry but also in the legal tech, agritech, the environmental industry, space commercialisation and many more high-growth, high-purpose sectors. 

If London IP Week has caught your attention, you must check our other conferences!!! 

We have some exciting upcoming shows like – Future Lawyer Week, Legal Innovators UK, GAIA, Tomorrow Matters and many more. Just click the button below and have a look at our upcoming conferences.

Who are Cosmonauts?

Cosmonauts provide B2B Growth Services, including Funding Support, Research, Business Development, Bespoke and Own Brand Tech Conferences. Our events have shown great success, and based on our testimonials, our attendees and sponsors are beyond impressed with our work! To see the testimonials from our latest events, head to our youtube channel. 

To learn even more about Cosmonauts, visit our webpage, see how to get involved and join us on our journey!

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