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Legal Connection is a communication and collaboration tool for legal professionals that operate across networks. Sometimes referred to as the ‘WhatsApp of Law’, the product allows lawyers to better connect with their peers and clients and to get work done in multi-party chat rooms.  It’s also an exciting early-stage startup that’s at the heart of the London LegalTech scene.

Like many of the best things in the world, the relationship between Cosmonauts and Legal Connection was written in the stars.  The CEOs of our companies met at the Legal Geek Design conference in 2018 when both companies were still in their very early stages.  Both a little hung over from late drinks the night before, they were sitting at the back of the room and got chatting about space exploration, fundraising and the future of law.


Guy and Timo didn’t speak again for another year but remained connected on LinkedIn and in late 2019 met for a coffee and catch-up at our offices in Fulham.  Guy showed Timo the great product he had been working on, Legal Connection and Timo explained the amazing service offering that Cosmonauts had designed for legal software vendors like him.  It was a great fit.

Cosmonauts engaged with Legal Connection in January 2020 with a clear goal of helping the company to find its place in the market. This included getting initial users interested, testing and paying for the product, a multi-pronged public relations strategy and ultimately a fundraising campaign that will take them from a pre-seed to a seed-stage company.  Here’s a sneak peek of their crowdfunding video that we produced for them.  This is part of a campaign which goes live on Crowdcube on October 13th.  Contact us if you’d like to know more.

Working with an early-stage startup can be a rollercoaster ride.  Things change from one day to the next and you need to move fast to stay ahead of the curve.  In this blog series, we’ll take you through some of the amazing things we’ve been able to achieve for Legal Connection in a few short months.  If we can do it for them, imagine what we can do for you!


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