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As part of Future Lawyer Week USA 2.0 (FLW), Cosmonauts are teaming up with Josef for a day-long Hackathon on March 14th!

Every corner of legal work is impacted by the no-code universe, which is why keeping up to date on no-code automation is essential if you want your legal team to thrive. And, what better way to promote growth of ideas and generate solutions to business problems than a Hackathon?

At the Hackathon, attendees will be able to choose a scenario that relates to issues they face at their organisation and then build their own solution (in the form of a legal bot) using Josef’s no-code automation tool!

Josef has cultivated a list of scenarios to hack, including:

• Data collection and workflows

• Building self-service tools and automating documents to allow clients to help themselves

• Streamlining  legal intake and triage

Participants have a blank canvas to create their bot with and, thanks to Josef’s incredibly intuitive, easy-to-use no-code platform, it doesn’t even need to be filled with binary 1s and 0s! Just click, type, drag and drop.

The innovative creations which emerge from this event will be judged by Nicola Shaver, CEO and Co-Founder of LegalTechnology Hub and Jeroen Plink, Co-Founder of LegalTechnology Hub.

The Hackathon has limited participation, and will be taking place on 14th March 2022 as part of FLW USA 2.0!

Interested in the Hackathon powering-up FLW USA? You can read more about it here:

This isn’t Cosmonauts’ first time hacking an event – in recent years we’ve found that Hackathons are an engaging and effective way to create innovative solutions to business challenges.

Want to hack your own work life? Cosmonauts are experts at getting the right people in the right places for ‘out of this world’ events! We can arrange every element of your hackathon to your taste, from custom data-sets on your sales prospects produced by our in-house data team to providing content production and marketing support.

Read more about how this modern approach to product solutions can set your business outreach apart from others here:

Or, beat other organisations to this trend, and drop us an email today to find out more about how a bespoke Hackathon, organised by Cosmonauts’, can boost your organisations’ outreach and growth!

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